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Crane blocks

LLC «TehPromMetSnab» supplies all kinds of crane pulley blocks according to existing technical standards and individual drawings of the Customer.

     Crane pulley block is a part of cranes and other lifting machines. The construction of a crane block is a wheel with a groove along the circumference, intended for a chain or a cable. Crane pulley blocks can be movable and fixed. The axis of rotation of the fixed pulley block is fixed on the support. This pulley block serves for changing the direction of the chain or cable. The movable pulley block is applied in tackle-blocks of hook assemblies to increase the performance of power and speed. Dimensions of block groove contour for steel cable are chosen on the basis of maximum contact area between cable and groove. The rejection norm for crane pulley blocks: — excessive groove wear of a crane pulley block is more than 40% of the initial radius of a groove.

Main sizes of typical crane blocks:

DescriptionD,mmCable diameter, mm

All of the above outlined load crane drums are not a complete list of the diversity of these products. More detailed information about the size and characteristics of load crane drums you can get from our specialists.

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