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Toothed couplings

LLC «TehPromMetSnab» supplies all kinds of toothed couplings.Couplings are fabricated according to GOST 50895-96, GOST  5006-83 standards requirements or according to Customer specification.

Toothed couplings are intended for rotation transmission from the motor to the shaft, from one shaft to another with the allowable angular offset.


According to the type of connection toothed couplings are divided into:

  1. sleeve-type, do not allow the rotation of the shaft relative to one another; elastic clutch, allow relative rotation of the shaft due to the elastic deformation of metallic intermediate coupling parts;
  2. elastic-damping, allow relative rotation of the shafts due to the plastoelastic defor-mation of non- metallic intermediate coupling parts;
  3. frictional, allow relative rotation of the shaft due to the relative sliding of the mated surfaces of friction with increasing transmitted torque above the limit value;
  4. sliding (hydraulic, electromagnetic), capable to transmit torque only in case of a difference of angular velocities of shafts.

According to the mode of operation and function toothed couplings are divided into:

  1. permanent, do not allow opening the shaft in the process of machine operation;
  2. clutch and shaft, allow opening and closing by pressing the coupling through the operating system;
  3. automatic, opening and closing shafts automatically when changing the operating regime of the machine;
  4. slipping, close shafts in case of conditions violation of normal operation of the machine (couplings, which protect from overloads);
  5. balancing.


When naming couplings are not strictly adhere to the defined classification, they are named according to the design feature. For example, sleeve-type permanent coupling is named toothed, elastic-damping permanent coupling — pin or elastic. Couplings are named according to the application , eg. slipping, balancing. Toothed coupling is mainly used for connection of electric motors with a main reduction gear.

Toothed coupling consists of two half couplings with internal teeth and two bushings with external teeth. One of the bushing is placed on the motor shaft, the second - on the gear shaft. Half couplings are connected with help of bolts. Teeth bushings engage with half couplings teeth, ensuring the transmission of torsional couple from motor shaft to gear shaft.


Due to tooth gear in this connection the shafts may offset relative to one another, as well as misalignment at the shaft angle is not more than 2°. Driven half coupling at the same time could be a brake wheel . Elastic coupling consists of two half couplings — main coupling , connected via spline with motor shaft, and driven coupling — with gear shaft. Two half couplings are connected with each other with the pins, on free ends of which there are bushings from technical rubber. Pins are tightly screwed down in the holes of the main half coupling. By the offset of half couplings the ends of the pins move freely in the hole of a driven half coupling, that provides the necessary compensation of inaccuracies. Driven half coupling serves at the same time as the brake wheel.

Balancing coupling consists of two half couplings and a disc plate between them. The groove is made in half couplings , in disc plate there are appropriate ledges, placed on his both sides, perpendicular to one another. In case of out of line shafts by its rotation half couplings slide in grooves relative to one another, thus balancing misalignment of shafts.

Slipping coupling consists of two half couplings, placed on the main shaft, spring, placed on the main shaft, discs, main half coupling, placed on the shaft, and rating nut.

Discs are solidly interlocked with a half coupling. When decompressed spring discs are free to rotate relative to one another and the torque from the shaft to the shaft is not transmitted. Spring compression by the nut creates friction between the discs. Depending on the strength of the spring compression by the nut, it is possible to create the necessary value of the torsional moment from the shaft to the shaft.

In case of occurrence of resistance, exceeding the load on the driven shaft, discs of the coupling are slipping, what prevents possible damage to the transmissions. Thus, the slipping coupling provides safety of mechanisms at crane overloading. Slipping couplings are mainly installed in slewing mechanism, where overloadings occur as a result of hard braking of slewing mechanisms. In lifting mechanisms the usage of these couplings is unacceptable.


DescriptionD,mmd, mmB, mmB1, mmTorsional couple, kgmRotation frequencyMass MZ,type A,B/ kg
Coupling MZ-1170201151291000630011,8/10,6
Coupling MZ-2           185301451601600500016,1/15,4
Coupling MZ-3           22040170196,52500400029,3/29,8
Coupling MZ-4           250452152344000335050,5/47,3
Coupling MZ-5290502356300280061/62
Coupling MZ-6           3206025510000250081/80
Coupling MZ-7           35065285160002120109/111
Coupling MZ-838080325250001900146/147
Coupling MZ-943090335400001700176/179
Coupling MZ-10490110365630001400264/264
Coupling MZ-11545120425710001250376/372
Coupling MZ-12590140487485100001130531/520
Coupling MZ-13680160521523150001000739/750
Coupling MZ-1473018057156820000900933/924
Coupling MZ-15780200645250008001288/1290

Toothed couplings of machine-building usage for co-axial shaft connection and trans-mission of torsional couple from 1000 to 63000 H x m according to GOST R 50895 and special from 71000 to 250000 H x m by angular, radial, axial offset of shafts.

Usage conditions:

  1. continuous operation till 24 hours a day or with inaction periods;
  2. rotation frequency not more than the value shown in the table of technical characteristics;
  3. rotation in any direction.

Designation example:

  1. Toothed coupling MZ - 8 - H80:
    toothed coupling MZ - 8 with nominal torsional couple 23600 H x m, fitment hole diameter of the bushings 80 mm without front fastening on the shafts.
  2. Toothed coupling MZP - 8 - H80:
    toothed coupling MZP - 8 with nominal torsional couple 23600 H x m, fitment hole diameter of the bushings 80 mm without front fastening on the shafts.

All of the above outlined toothed couplings are not a complete list of the diversity of these products More detailed information about the size and characteristics of toothed couplings cranes you can get from our specialists.

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