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Brake wheels

LLC «TehPromMetSnab» supplies all kinds of brake wheels used for lifting machines and mechanisms. High quality of the supplied production is the result of efficient and reliable operation of components directly for their main purpose –stoppage and keeping at standstill of shaft mechanisms.

At the present time the mainly used sizes of brake wheels are: D-160; D-200; D-300; D-400; D-500; D-600. Often we receive orders for not standard wheels D-250. Our company is ready to supply non-standard parts for cargo-lifting equipment according to customer drawings.

To achieve a consistent high quality of production we use only high-grade materials of the OJSC «Uralskaya Kuznitsa». All production is certified and has a quality certificate.

LLC «TehPromMetSnab» has a possibility to supply brake wheels of steels 45, 45X etc. according to customer's specifications, as well as brake wheels manufactured by casting technology of steel 45Λ, 50Λ etc. To increase the operating life of this element is subjected to special heat treatment (volume hardening).It is important to pay particular attention to the technical condition of lifting equipment components and thus create safe working conditions. Brake wheels should be replaced in the following cases:

  1. If cracks and breaks are detected on work and mounting surfaces;
  2. If the excessive ware of working surface of the rim is more than 25% of the initial thickness;
  3. If the size of certain irregularities on the wheel surface is greater than 0.3 mm, and the total area is more than 10% of the area of the working surface.
Rubbing wheel surface, mmWeight, kg
Diameter, DWidth,B

All of the above outlined break wheels are not a complete list of the diversity of these products. More detailed information about the size and characteristics of load crane drums you can get from our specialists.


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