Republic of Belarus,
230003, Grodno,
Ozerskoe highway str., 14А

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About Company

Limited Liability Company «TehPromMetSnab» is established to fulfil the task of integrated supply of the main and auxiliary equipment as well as components of cement industry.

Our company is actively developing. We are constantly working on increasing of nomenclature of the offered equipment, optimization of internal infrastructure, improvement of services. At the present time the activity of our company almost completely covers the sector of equipment and components of the cement industry as well as a significant part of the nomenclature of equipment and materials in the metallurgical, quarry, oil refining, energetical and other industries.

Enhancing our positions with every year, in addition to the main branches of activity we have developed several directions:

  • iron and steel castings;
  • grinding media;
  • hardware;
  • spares for lifting equipment;
  • spares for quarry equipment;
  • rolled metal products.

We place a great importance on product quality, customer service and supply maintenance. Dealing with the supply of industrial equipment and materials we studied the requirements of our customers and have the sufficient material and technical resources. We are focused on creation of long-standing, stable, mutually beneficial relations, based on trust between customers and suppliers.

The main priorities of the LLC «TehPromMetSnab» are:

  • experienced employees;
  • wide nomenclature of offered production;
  • dealer contracts and partnership relations with manufacturers;
  • flexible price policy;
  • speedy and stable supply;
  • possibility of advanced deliveries.

We are ready to deal swiftly with any order received, and also to solve any complex task of the supply of equipment, components and materials.

At the present time LLC «TehPromMetSnab» is a stable and dynamically developing modern enterprise.

We will be glad to cooperate with You!